Common Problems in Older Homes

If you recently purchased an older property or you’ve lived in one already for some time, you’re certain to face prevalent problems that appear in houses because of age. Luckily, there are lots of easy ways to sort out these issues without needing to become too distressed through the process. Look at ideas below, whether you’re the kind of DIY home owner who would rather attempt fixing problems yourself or you would rather call qualified repair companies.

Poor Quality Insulation

Insulation in older homes is normally not of the highest quality, and many homes don’t include any insulation at all, depending upon the year that they were built. This means that you must cope with changing severe temperatures as the seasons change because your house will be ill-equipped to trap heat inside throughout the winter and keep heat outside in the summer. And this can all contribute to you feeling extremely miserable, along with spending far more money than you should have to on your energy bills.

Blow-in insulation is a fantastic solution to this problem because it takes away the requirement of costly removing of your drywall to have a layer of insulation added. This type of insulation requires that you merely cut small holes in your walls and pump insulation through these holes. Though blow-in insulation won’t be as effective as fibreglass insulation, it’s a less expensive, and less invasive, possibility.

Old, Dated Looking Radiators

Once better insulation is in place, you may as well go a step further and improve your heating system with upright radiators that won’t only pump heat effectively into all the rooms in your home, but also look nice and modernise your space concurrently so your home won’t look so old, even though it is.

Not Enough Storage Space

Older houses are usually lacking in large closets and space for storage. But there are several great ways to tackle this difficulty without bursting the bank. Simply begin by looking for storage spaces in unexpected places throughout your house. These may include areas like those beneath and between windows, where you could install cabinets for storing items or clothing. You can also create your own closet in a room if it’s large enough to do so. Build-it-yourself or hire a contractor to install additional walls and a door that can work as your new wardrobe.

NICEIC electriciansOld Electrical Systems

An old electrical system can increase your risk of electrocution and fire, whether you have frayed or chipped insulation on your electrical wiring, your home has outdated aluminium wires, or you have a circuit breaker that’s dated. Signals that you need to call an electrician include flickering lights, a tripping circuit breaker, and frayed wires.

With so many ways to effortlessly deal with typical problems that homeowners face in older homes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take in the charm and character that comes with these properties. A few simple upgrades can make a massive difference and bring your house into the modern day era.

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