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Options For Your Flat Roof

flat roofWhich Roofing Material is Right for your Home?

With natural products for example slate to synthetic materials including asphalt, sheet metal, and plastic polymers; there are many more types and styles of roofs to select from nowadays than ever before. While every one has its pros and cons, they all can also add an exclusive design feature for your property. So what type meets your needs? I brosed the web and finally found a local roofing company with some useful information, credit to Aston Roofing in Rotherham in part for the information outlined below…….

What to consider in a Roof

There are lots of points to consider when choosing a roofing material such as durability, will the present roof structure have the ability to support it, will the roof have sufficient incline, will the look accentuate the style of the property, will the materials be environmentally friendly and recyclable, is the style of roofing permitted by local building codes, and finally, how much will it set you back?

Positives and negatives

Particular sorts of roofs might be more appropriate for the home than others. Elements such as the incline of your roof and strength of your framework might restrict your options. In places susceptible to adverse weather conditions, search for a material with good resistance to the wind. Moreover, steps might be taken during the installation of many types of roof covering to improve their effectiveness against wind. Here is a rundown about the several types of roof coverings attainable.

ashphalt roll on roofingAsphalt Composition Shingles

Asphalt roofing shingles are known as the most desired type of roofing for homes, making up over 80% of household roofing industry. They’re made from either a natural paper fibre mat (better for cold weather plus wind resistance) or fiberglass (more fire and moisture proof) infused with asphalt and coated with mineral granules. They’re typically found in standard 3-tab shingles or larger laminated “architectural” shingles. Not a particularly environmentally friendly material, though it could be recycled rather than just taken to a dump. Asphalt shingles are not an especially durable material base don nformation garnished from this roofer in manchester. Algae repellent shingles may be found in humid climates in order to avoid staining. Modest in weight and can be utilized on relatively low to steeper sloped roofs. Provides excellent fire resistance and reasonable resistance to the wind. Low-priced to average with regard to price.

Clay Tile

Though brittle and heavy, clay tiles will last a considerably long time and so are very fire resistant. Clay tiles are created from natural clay that is fired inside a kiln. Frequently obtainable in a classic Italian or Spanish style, they can even be created to resemble wood shakes or slate. They’re made from natural materials but demands substantial energy to create. In relation to durability, they’re long lasting and low maintenance but brittle and might break in combination with needing a reinforced roof framework to support them owing to their considerable weight. Clay tiles are really practical on moderate to higher sloped roof together with exceptional resistance to fire and fair to low wind resistance. Additionally, it signifies an expensive option, however it frequently looks fantastic and its incorporated easily into existing design features.


Slate is among the earliest roofing materials. Although brittle and expensive, it’s very durable and resists both wind and fire. Slate tiles are made out of natural slate rock. In relation to appearance, they’re usually dark gray with irregular appearance. Slate tiles represent an environmentally friendly method as they are crafted from natural materials. Slate offers a long-lasting, durable material (depending on where quarried), despite the fact that it’s also heavy, meaning it demands reinforced roofing structure to support. Slate is really only suited for a steep sloped roof, possesses excellent fire and wind resistance and yet is also especially costly due to the knowledge required to install and maintain it.